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Episode #1

Talking PCOS with Jess Hallock

Jess has literally turned her life around and as a consequence no longer experiences PCOS and the symtpoms that come with that. This is very inspiring and I’m so stoked to have this available to so many more women because it’s something I see women struggling with every day. What was super clear in listening to Jess’ story was that it wasn’t just about changing the physical and functional aspects like food and exercise – it was also about connecting back to a quality, getting her back in touch with her delicateness as a woman. Just listening to her its easy to feel how much more nurturing and loving she is now with her body and this is what has made all the difference. Stay tuned for more on this topic, where I’m looking forward to speaking with leading nutritionists and other medical professionals on things PCOS!

Episode #1

Episode #2

Living with Endometriosis and thriving - with Jane Keep

With 1 in 10 women experiencing Endometriosis, this topic is very relevant for women today. Endometriosis is one of the most common reproductive health conditions that women struggle with finding a way to deal with the often debilitating symptoms. Jane shares her story and shines some light on the feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness that women often feel with this condition.

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