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Programs & Seminars

Uncovering the truth about periods. An education we ALL need.

Follow your flow - Program for girls

Be in the know - Program for boys

These unique programs are available for groups of girls and boys, to bring more awareness to menstruation. We bring a wholesome truth to understanding girls' & women's bodies, in an interactive and inspiring way. When young people understand and start to have a relationship with their body, they gain more trust and a deeper respect for one another and for themselves.

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Follow your flow - Girls Program
​Know your body & be empowered.

These sessions can be tailored to include the following topics:

  • What is menstruation?

  • When do changes start happening?

  • Understanding the ebb and flow of the menstrual cycle – how can we work with it rather than against it?

  • Debunking the myths and misconceptions about menstruation.

  • What is ovulation and when does it happen?

  • Appreciating the intricate nature of hormones and how they work.

  • Exploring self-care and how to listen to your body. 

  • Being practical – how to support yourself in difficult, challenging & potentially painful times/situations.

  • Understanding emotions and PMS and practical ways to deal with this.

Be in the know - Boys Program

These sessions can be tailored to suit each individual group.

We present a modified version of 'Follow your flow'  for boys to gain a deeper respect, understanding and appreciation for the intricate and delicate nature of a girl's/woman’s body. This in turn, allows them to reflect on the wonder of their own bodies and the changes that also occur for them but in different ways. Space is provided for the boys to ask lots of questions and to share some of the challenges they may feel growing up from a boy to a man.

Let's talk about periods!

Community Presentations

'Let's talk about periods' is a 2-hour presentation for parents, teachers and community members. You will learn the ins and outs of what a menstrual cycle is, how to support girls, about hormones and why they are so important, as well as busting the myths and misconceptions that are still prevelant in our society.

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Follow your flow counselling

Supporting girls to navigate puberty & beyond

Supporting girls to:

  • Understand their bodies

  • Connect to what's happening in their bodies

  • Appreciate themselves

  • Feel empowered

  • Make self-loving choices

  • Respect who they are

  • Talk about what's going on for them

  • Get the right support and medical attention where needed

*Sessions available in person in Melbourne or online.

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Mastering your flow

Fertility Awareness Education, individual & group programs for menstruating women.

Mastering your flow is a 10-week online group program where we delve into learning the Fertility Awareness Method, a proven and reliable method for both conception and contraception. In this program you will chart your cycle and share this with the other women, learning from each other under the guidance of your Natural Fertility Awareness Educator.

Through this program, women have the opportunity to explore their cycle on a much deeper level and therefore, enriching their relationship with themselves.

About Sara

Sara has been working & studying in the field of complementary medicine for nearly 2 decades and is currently completing a Masters in Women's Health Medicine. She has a great love of supporting girls' & women in understanding themselves and their bodies from the inside out, where this then forms a foundation of confidence, steadiness, self-assuredness and an innate  knowing of their worth. Sara has extensive experience and a commitment to ongoing research in the area of girls' & women's reproductive health. 

Sara works in private practice in Complementary Medicine, Massage & Counselling with a focus on Women's & Girls' Health. She also works in a local primary school in First Aid & Well-being, delivering health & well-being support programs. 

What We Do

We are a community initiative, providing information and resources and a platform for conversation on all things menstruation and reproductive health.


We offer community presentations and school programs to bring more awareness to the truth about periods, shining a light on the ever present taboo that still pervades society and cultures across the world. 

Who We Are


We are health practitioners, with much experience in supporting girls and women, to not only find a place of acceptance of who they are, but to discover an innate love for themselves and all it means to be a woman.