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30-40 minute monthly webinars on all things menstrual & reproductive health. Join in for a different topic each month!



The Cycle Wise Webinars 2020 series offers a new topic every month on a different aspect of menstruation and reproductive health. 

Do you want to understand more about your periods? Do you want to know more about contraception choices and be fully informed? Or do you want to know if what you experience month to month is 'normal'?

It can be difficult dealing with the challenges that can come with our menstrual cycle & reproductive health. Conditions or symptoms like PCOS, pre-menstrual syndrome, period pain, endometriosis, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, difficulty falling pregnant and so on...


Being fully informed is a great place to start when you are looking at your options. 

Cycle Wise Webinar Topics & Dates


  • 17th February - All about PMS

  • 16th March - What is Fertility Awareness Method?

  • 20th April - Understanding Cycles & how to maximse yours

  • 18th May - How does the pill affect us?

  • 15th June - Methods of contraception - how to choose what's right for you.

  • 20th July - No period? What is your body telling you?

  • 17th August - The magnificence of your hormones

  • 21st September - A review on cycle tracking apps

  • 19th October - What happens after 40?

  • 16th November - About common conditions such as PCOS, Endo, PMS, etc

*all topics may be subject to change



Sara is founder of Follow your Flow & Co-owner of Living Stillness. She has 2 decades experience studying & working in the area of women's health & is currently completing a Masters in Women's Health Medicine.


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