Follow Your Flow Presents

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with Sara Harris, Mike Gaskins & Rebecca Asquith

The Pill...& the Suppression of Women

Sunday 28th March, 6am AEDT (Mel/Syd Australia)

Saturday 27th March, 7pm GMT (UK)

Saturday 27th March, 8pm CEST (Europe)

Saturday 27th March, 3pm EST (US Eastern)

Duration: 90 minutes (allow for extra time, just in case!)


Cost: $35 AUD


The Pill is so often talked about as a turning point in women’s liberation, equality and freedom. After the inception of the pill in 1960, women were effectively ‘free’ to manage their lives, have less children or at least choose the timing of having children, they were able to step more into the workforce and choose careers that were previously unheard of for a woman.

Whilst all of these changes did happen…with the pill now being a household term that everyone knows, at what cost has this been to women and their bodies? And what was the original intention behind the pill? Was a woman’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of its invention?  

And what then of women? Are they (women) claiming a standard of health care that only has their best interests at heart, where they are empowered to know their own bodies so they can work alongside and in partnership with medicine…or do they feel at the mercy of it all, like they have no choice but to submit to the powers that tell them this is the only way?

Sara, Mike & Rebecca are asking all of these questions in an unscripted conversation and you are all invited. An event for women and men equally.

We have blindly accepted the narrative around the pill and women’s freedom for a long time, allowing so many questions to go unasked. It should be noted that this conversation is about much more that ‘the pill’…and it is certainly not about ‘pill shaming’ as is sometimes termed. It is simply about looking deeper, being very real and uncovering some hidden truths that call us all to more responsibility when it comes to our health, our bodily integrity and knowing what we deserve.  




Sara is the founder of Follow your Flow. With a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine, Sara specialises in supporting women to understand their bodies & health beyond mere function, to appreciate the intricacies of hormones and how sensitive they are and to see that ‘life’ is in fact medicine and is determined by the quality that we bring to it.



Mike is the author of the book 'In the Name of the Pill', a significant contribution to the area of women’s health, asking the questions that very few have been willing to ask. Mike has a genuine care for women that spans beyond his wife and 2 daughters, inspiring us all to not be afraid to tell it how it is.


Rebecca is the founder of Emanation Media. A natural educator, presenter & writer, Rebecca inspires many with her depth of understanding and lived wisdom when it comes to women’s and men’s health and how we can best support each other to true vitality and freedom of expression, beyond the gendered stereotypes that we are confined by.



Sunday 28th March, 6am AEDT (Mel/Syd Australia)

Saturday 27th March, 7pm GMT (UK)

Saturday 27th March, 8pm CEST (Europe)

Saturday 27th March, 3pm EST (US Eastern)


90 minutes (allow for extra time, just in case!)


$35 AUD