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Sara Harris

Women's Health Coach, Counsellor & FAM Educator, Sara Harris, has been working and studying in the complementary medicine industry since the year 2000. 

Sara is available for 1:1 sessions & Speaking Engagements.

With qualifications including a Bachelor of Health Science, Post Graduate studies in Counselling and a Masters of Women's Health Medicine, Sara brings her expertise into a digestible and accessible form, for women to be inspired to have a meaningful relationship with their body and their health. 

Sara's unique way of supporting women, means that as well as the required information being delivered, there is always a consideration of the underlying causes to bring deeper understanding and practical ways to make it all real in day-to-day life. 

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'My number one message is that ‘stillness’ needs to be the number 1 ingredient in any treatment or well-being plan for every woman. Addressing our health & well-being needs to be an inward movement. One that re-connects us back to the innate and natural quality of stillness that we otherwise work very hard to avoid'

- Sara Harris

Sara's approach brings the simplicity and depth that the topics around a woman's health deserve. Her clients and program participants love the way she is able to break everything down, to de-mystify the female body, leaving them in awe of the magnificence and exquisite detailed communication that it is constantly providing. 

"It has been through my own experience and unfoldment in learning about my body and what it is to be a woman, that has provided the foundation of all the work that I do. This relationship with my body forms the bedrock of how I approach all aspects of life - a deeply enriching experience that I believe all women deserve to have access to.'

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Through the Follow Your Flow platform, Sara is setting new standards in how we understand the female body and live as women, from puberty all the way through to menopause. Her work recognises that women are living in cycles constantly and health cannot be fully addressed without acknowledgement of this at the very least. 

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Rebecca Baldwin

Website Designer & Marketing

With an interest in all things women's health, Rebecca is a natural fit for working with the Follow Your Flow team. Alongside her colleagues in Emanation Media, they collectively partner with Sara to bring to life (and order) the vast and rich offerings from Follow Your Flow that educate and inspire women, young women, parents, carers and teachers. You might also see Rebecca co-presenting with Sara on occasion - see the In Conversation Series for a webinar they recorded with Mike Gaskins.


Simon Asquith - Simplicit Media

Audio Production

Simon has worked in all aspects of Audio and Visual Production for over 25 years and loves nothing more than supporting people who have groundbreaking and important things to share with the world. The first time he heard one of Sara’s podcasts he knew that she was most definitely one of those people and supporting her and the cast of the follow your flow podcasts is something he not only loves doing – but also genuinely believes makes a difference to all those who are able to hear what they offer.


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