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This 3 month diary is to support young women to connect with the phases of their menstrual and ovulation cycle. The introductory pages in this diary provide a summary of -


  • Why periods are important.
  • How to use the diary
  • The phases of the cycle
  • The importance of ovulation


This diary is a support teens (and women of any age!) to get in touch with their period cycle and the support it offers through the changing phases each and every month. By getting to know our bodies it becomes very natural to appreciate, support and respect it. Our cycle is an incredible in-built feedback mechanism that never skips a beat. When we allow this communication from our body, it becomes very simple to follow the flow the body was naturally designed to flow with.


Being Cycle Wise is a foundational tool and way of being available for every girl and woman to support her to navigate life and to be empowered by knowing and loving all of who she is. 

My Cycle Wise Diary, By Sara Harris

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