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Hi there, I’m Sara Harris.

A Melbourne based local complementary health practitioner, podcaster, educator and on-the-side creative.

I’m all about cycles and understanding our reproductive health and fertility in a way that includes every aspect of being a woman.


No rah rah, just simple, practical and very real.

You’ll find me sharing and posting about menstruation, ovulation and why they matter; about conditions like PCOS, endometriosis and amenorrhea; about puberty and all that comes with growing up as a young woman; about fertility awareness, contraception and conception; and I’ll share my own personal relationship with my own cycle and all that I continuously learn as I deepen and grow in this crazy world!


In amongst the individual & group programs, podcasts, blogs and courses, my number one message is that ‘stillness’ needs to be the number 1 ingredient in any treatment or well-being plan for every woman. Addressing our health & well-being needs to be an inward movement. One that re-connects us back to the innate and natural quality of stillness that we otherwise work very hard to avoid. 


Fixing periods is one thing…but that’s not what I’m about. I want to understand the ins and outs of what’s really going on. That is, understanding periods, the phases of the cycles and the bigger picture of what this all means for us as women. I want to know who I am and who you are and what our bodies are communicating on a much deeper level. This is where stillness comes in…because without stillness it’s near impossible for us to truly know who we are.


If you’re still with me, let me tell you more…


So how did I get on this path?


I’ve always been a health advocate from a very young age. I clearly remember asking my parents – ‘How can sugar and lollies be a treat if our body doesn’t really want it?’


Yes, I was always asking the bigger questions…and still do. People either love it or they hate it, but that’s how I roll.


The same with my period. As a teenager I had severe and writhingly uncomfortable period pain. I was prescribed the pill from my doctor and it wasn’t long before I felt the adverse effects of this too. And so the questioning began. This can’t be it…what’s really going on for me and what is me period really about?


Many years of study and experience later, I’ve come to understand the physiology and pathophysiology of our reproductive health. It’s fascinating and I’m still learning every single day. I love nothing more than immersing myself in the detail and intricacies of how our bodies work. Absolutely love it!


What changed everything for me was when I started to build a relationship with myself that honoured how I was feeling on any given day throughout the month rather than trying to fight the natural flow…and then combined this with my knowledge and experience. As women, we are very good at fighting our flow rather than following our flow…and hence the brilliance in the name of this project J


On this path I discovered my natural confidence…as well as the fun I can have with using make-up to highlight rather than mask my natural spunk and gorgeousness. I found my expression with what I wear and the joy in not hiding behind my clothes. I learned that in the end it has nothing to do with what I do, my achievements and successes but has  everything to do with the quality I bring in every moment. I also discovered the beauty in transparency and being ok with where I am at and letting people in, letting them see me…all of me.


Who inspires me?


There are many women in my life that inspire me greatly and daily. And it’s not because of their accomplishments or accolades, their status or even how they look. The women that inspire me have an emanation. They know who they from within and they live with this knowing as their guide. They are sassy, sexy, gorgeous, deeply wise, loving, open, transparent and most of all, real. And this is not an overnight thing. It takes commitment and a deep love and understanding of one’s self and of others. And boy do these women have this commitment. No perfection of course. Simply a willingness to go there.


Natalie Benhayon is one of these women. 10 years younger than me and living proof that age is no barrier to the wisdom we each equally hold within. She is sass personified and does not hold back no matter what may come her way. A woman of utmost integrity, raising the bar and setting standards in women’s health. It is an honour and a joy to walk beside her and be constantly inspired. Natalie is the founder of Our Cycles App, which you will hear me reference in my blogs, courses and podcasts. It’s a stellar app for so many reasons.


That’s me! All about raising the bar and setting new standards in our reproductive health and how we live as women.


Thank you for joining me!


With Love,