12 Week Program

An intimate program for women wanting to use the Fertility Awareness Method to achieve or avoid pregnancy and/or to simply know their body to maximise their health & overall wellbeing.  

BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: go to link > select 'group sessions' tab > select 'women' > select 'Cycle Wise Woman' > go to date February 22nd and select > complete booking process.

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An 12 week (6 session) live online series for menstruating women of all ages, women of reproductive age not currently menstruating & women who may be trying to conceive - to support understanding the Fertility Awareness Method and how to use it for conception, contraception and/or to deepen your connection with your body and therefore, maximise your health & wellbeing. 

Why Fertility Awareness? What's the point?

Ok, let me start at the beginning. Whether you ware wanting to get pregnant or not get pregnant, you need to know when you ovulate. But it's so much more than that because understanding your cycle is not just about having babies! 


Knowing when you ovulate along with all the other intricate communications from your body throughout your cycle, is like being given the keys to access an innate wisdom that you've always known on some level you have but just haven't had the means to open the door. 

Well, Fertility Awareness is like a gateway to that inner wisdom. We all want it, we all have it and we all deserve to know it. 

Let's come back to conception and contraception for a moment. Did you know these super important facts?

In one study from 2013 of 204 women, 68% of participants believed they had timed intercourse with their fertile window, yet only 13% of these women could accurately identify this window. And 94% of participants believe a woman should receive Fertility Awareness Education when she reports trouble conceiving to her doctor. 


It could not only be super helpful and support you enormously in so many ways...but could also avoid expensive IVF and other ART paths to conception.  

Now for contraception, did you know that with perfect use the Fertility Awareness Method has the same effectiveness rate as the oral contraceptive pill at 99.8%? Yep. And with typical use, 93% - same as the pill. 

'Cycle Wise Woman' is a comprehensive 12-week program where you will have access to a wealth of information to give you the practical tools to use the method and to understand your cycle - empowering you to be at the forefront of your menstrual cycle health and overall wellbeing. 

What's different about this course to other similar courses?

Sara's understanding of the body​ from a physical and energetic perspective come through in the facilitation of this course. You will be reminded that you are far from the mere physicality of your body and that the 'being' in the body needs to always, always be included in your understanding of Fertility Awareness, your health and your body as a whole. 


  • 6 x live sessions (fortnightly) for the practical application of the process, sharing charts and experiences with the women in your group (90 minutes)

  • Live sessions will be recorded for review, although it is preferred and recommended that you sign up with the intention of being able to attend all sessions. The sessions are for your participation. 

  • Access to the Cycle Wise Woman self-paced course, only accessible for participants of these groups. 

  • Access to the groups private Facebook group where we can interact in between sessions. 

  • You will receive Ovulation, the eBook for free to download and keep. 

  • A 30 minute private session to discuss your cycle

  • A complementary Yoga of Stillness session for participants interested in wanting to learn more about dealing with stress and how this affects your menstrual cycle and your fertility. 

  • Opportunity for sharing & questions

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Sara is founder of Follow your Flow & Co-owner of Living Stillness. She has 2 decades experience studying & working in the area of women's health & is has completed a Masters of Women's Health Medicine.



Tuesday Evenings 6.30pm - 8pm AEDT/AEST (fortnightly)

Live Sessions

1 - Tuesday 22nd February AEDT

2- Tuesday 8th March AEDT

3 - Tuesday 22nd March AEDT

4 - Tuesday 5th April AEST

5 - Tuesday 19th April AEST

6 - Tuesday 3rd May AEST


12 weeks (6 x fortnightly sessions)



*Limited places for 12 women only. 

*Payment Plans available


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BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: go to link > select 'group sessions' tab > select 'women' > select 'Cycle Wise Woman' > go to date February 22nd and select > complete booking process.