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1:1 Sessions & Personalised Programs.

In-Person & Online. 

What's your 'why' when it comes to your health? Are you asking the right questions? 

I work with women of every age & every stage of life, so that you can re-claim your rightful place as the expert of your own body... 

Find out more about how I can support you, your health & your well-being. 

Specialised Women's Health Services

A woman's health is about much more than her physical body. With a Masters of Women's Health Medicine, qualifications in Counselling & Fertility Awareness Education and 20+ years studying & working in the area of Complementary Medicine, I support women to understand their bodies and health beyond mere function, to appreciate the intricacies of hormones and to see that 'life' is in fact medicine and is determined by the quality we bring to it. 

Women can sometimes be at a loss when it comes to managing their health. There are so many options and avenues she can take to try to address any issues she may be experiencing. This can be confusing and sometimes complex, with many women describing that they feel alone through the process. 

The 1:1 sessions that I offer for women can take many different forms - where a woman may be needing practical support, someone to bounce their ideas off and to talk through different treatment options; or she may be struggling with a new diagnosis and needing to talk it through, to bring more understanding to it both physically and energetically; she may have trauma still in her body from past or current experiences with a condition such as endometriosis; she may be coming to terms with a diagnosis of infertility or perhaps she has experienced a miscarriage; or maybe she is suffering from PMS and period pain and wants to understand how she can support herself more. The list here really is endless. 

Essentially, I support you to go as far as you want to go to understand your body, your health and your overall wellbeing. We work as a team but ultimately, it is about empowering you to be the expert of your own body...and to work in partnership with medicine and all that it offers.

1:1 Sessions & Personalised Programs.

In-Person & Online. 

What do women say about their experience?

I went to Sara to ask about my hormones. I felt I may be peri-menopausal after experiencing a range of symptoms. Sara was able to help me understand the hormonal changes in my  body and explain why I was getting particular symptoms. This put my mind at ease and enabled me to take some simple steps to support my body more. Sara is such a wealth of knowledge in women's health I'm not sure where else I would get this support from, thank you Sara.

Jacqueline, 48, UK

After 3 months of services with you Sara, including a couple of one-on-one sessions learning the Fertility Awareness Method, listening to podcasts and joining a 6 week stillness & cycles program, my period has started again - woo hoo! I’m so chuffed as I had a sense it was coming soon (post pregnancy) and I know that these amazing services have supported this and a deepening of my relationship with all that my cycles are!

Danielle, 40, Australia

After having sessions with Sara for years now, I can confidently say that she has completely changed the relationship that I have with my body, mind and soul. Throughout the years I have learnt numerous techniques to support me with my menstrual cycle and how to truly understand what is happening in my body.  Treating myself as sacred and deepening my relationship with self is something that Sara helped me understand. I’m very grateful I came across Sara as I genuinely don’t know where I would be.

Grace, 17, Australia

Every session I have had with Sara has offered me a point of nurturing in my life that sometimes I feel hasn’t been there. Sara delivers an absolute nurturing and caring quality and offers an unimposing space that allows me to feel what my next steps may need to be or for me to appreciate the steps I have taken. It is from this that Sara has supported me to appreciate and understand the ins and outs of my body on a detailed an intricate level that I was not even aware of before so that now I can make decisions from the truth of my own body. Things like charting my cycle and learning when I ovulate, and how to use the fertility awareness contraception method safely (& knowingly) are just a few of the gems from Sara’s wealth of wisdom of the female body that have now become second-nature (or first-nature) to me - with Sara’s support. My partner even became involved in all these learnings and feels as though he can understand what is happening for me in my body at different points in my cycle, truly wonderful.

Giselle, 23, Australia

It took me a few years post my initial one-to-one session with Sara to start charting my cycle but once I was ready to commit Sara was right there by my side….despite being 32 and having undergone the relevant body/sex education I realised I knew hardly anything about my cycle.  Through my sessions with Sara I have learnt that it’s not just about the bleed have now a deep regard for the magical intricacies a woman's body is and does.  Sara held no judgment and was incredibly patient in sharing the knowledge and supporting me to truly understand what it all meant.  I’ve now been charting consistently for 6 months…learning about my cycle is an ever-deepening process but by goodness what a powerful process it’s been.  Sara is professional, understanding and incredibly supportive - all women should have the opportunity to truly understand their own cycles and enjoy the depth that can come from this.  

Jessica, 32, Australia


Stress is possibly the one thing that affects us most, on so many levels...yet we seem to look for ways to 'fix' the problem or to 'manage' it, rather than seeking to understand why it is there in the first place. Only then can we create sustainable & lasting change that has far reaching effects on one's health and how we experience life. 

1:1 Sessions & Personalised Programs.

In-Person & Online. 

Looking for en effective hormone-free contraceptive?

According to a 2007 study, following 900 women, the Fertility Awareness Method (sympto-thermal) is 99.4% effective with perfect use & 98.2% effective with typical use. 




...because the pill is not the only answer. The Fertility Awareness Method is highly effective & has added benefits. 



...because your physical body is not separate from your being. Every aspect of you is connected.

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...because your fertility is a marker of your health whether you are trying to conceive or not.



...because your cycle is your medicine & every woman needs to know exactly how it works & what it offers.

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...because menstruation is only part of the story. Hormones & ovulation are everything. Your body is always communicating.

...because a woman has everything within her to embrace this phase of life.



...because it is the way we live that provides the environment for how our body works & therefore how we experience it.



Hormones are not & have never been the problem. It is the environment we create in our body, that allows the hormones to either work efficiently or not.