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Cycles & the Wisdom of your body.

How aware are you that we are (constantly) moving within inescapable cycles? Yes, constantly…as in, never ceasing. When I was little, I used to look up at the stars in absolute wonderment and awe and tried to imagine the infiniteness of the universe. But I could never quite grasp it no matter how hard I tried. Now I understand that this grandness is beyond what my mind can conceive. There is a stupendous beauty, flow and an order in the stars that is not for us to understand mentally…it requires an embodiment and an inner knowing and recognition of something far grander than the limitations of our physicality. Now this may sound a bit out there…but it’s not really. It makes complete and absolute sense when we really consider it.

So, that being the case and supposing you are still with me on this, we are not and cannot be separate from this grand cycle and the order of the universe. Nope. Not possible. We are right in amongst it. And cycles are reflected to us EVERYWHERE.

Aren't the seasons, day and night, the sun, the moon not all governed by cycles? Are our bodies not also responding to cycles – our circadian rhythm, cell regeneration, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, endocrine & reproductive systems and yes, you guessed it…our menstrual cycle. All governed by and responding to cycles. Period.

But we don’t live like this. We don’t live in the full acknowledgement let alone embodiment, that we are a part of something grand and that our bodies are wise beyond measure. When you do get to know the infinite wisdom of your body, you realise that it’s actually just common sense, super natural and downright normal. As women, we can go through our entire reproductive years and not fully embrace what is on offer in our menstrual cycle. Yes, we’re starting to catch on to the fact that our cycle is a reflection of our overall health. It’s our very own, monthly, personal, in-built feedback mechanism. Super handy on so many levels – alerting us to hormonal imbalances and any other disorders or discomforts that may manifest in our bodies. Yet that’s only scratching the surface really. There is so much more understanding for us to access.

Our cycle is the activity of our self-worth and the depth of how much we are connected to ourselves…to our inner grandness. That’s right…not separate from the stars. Our inner-grandness is the same. We could say, our cycle is our greatest confidante, that one that will always tell the truth and will be our steady and ever-present source of wise and loving feedback. Even when your cycle may have disappeared for a time, it is still communicating greatly. Never is it not.

Therefore, in the natural order and wisdom of cycles, we always have a choice, seeing as a cycle brings us back to a same point. A forever opportunity to deepen, to re-imprint, to express and to refine. Otherwise, we repeat the same old cycle, over and over again and wonder why we don't seem to get anywhere?!

Do we listen to the infinite wisdom of our bodies, that which is governed by the grand cycles of the universe? Yes, it's a big question but not one we can't consider.

Do we see the opportunities that are presented month after month, to take care of ourselves on a deeper level, to appreciate ourselves, to value who we are and to honour the depths of our being?

Do we allow the natural ebb and flow, the cycles of stillness and of motion, throughout the month, to guide us?

Or do we over-ride and ignore it all and try what we may, to continue to swim and paddle upstream, no matter how challenging this may be?

Paddling up-stream can become so normal after a while that you don’t even realise that a gentle and very simple letting go is even an option.

Your Cycle and the Wisdom of your body is valuable beyond measure. Never is this wisdom not there. But it is up to us, to return to it. And to use it as one of our greatest supports. In the most real, simple and natural of ways.

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