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Episode 3 - Demystifying Menopause with Jenny Ellis

Show Notes

Episode number 3 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


Menopause is a stage of life that women do not generally look forward to. In fact, it is more commonly a time they dread given the experiences that many women have as they transition out of their reproductive years. On top if this, as there is with menstruation, there is a stigma around the time of menopause that paints a very grim and bleak picture of what happens to women. We are indoctrinated with a certain kind of attitude that tells you your life is over as a woman. You become invisible, you are not looked upon as desirable, there are often issues with weight gain, the aging process is inevitable, along with hot flushes, vaginal dryness and painful sex. Women will experience these things to varying degree - some for a short time, others for many years and then some women may not experience any such symptoms.

In this episode I speak with complementary health practitioner Jenny Ellis, who opens our eyes to this stage of life where, rather than being at the mercy of everything that may be happening to us, we can bring a greater understanding to the process and all that it represents.

Jenny shines a very much needed light on hot flushes, thank God, and on Menopause as a whole. This discussion is refreshing, enlightening and inspiring. Another example that when we are ready to put the work in and build a true and loving relationship with ourselves, we cannot ever go wrong. The enrichment that this brings to life is what we all want. As you will hear from all that Jenny shares, we have got it all inside out and back to front when it comes to Menopause...but there are very simple first steps we can take to start to undo the lies and the myths that have bound us for so long.

Whether you are a menopausal, peri-menopausal or menstruating woman, you will no doubt find enormous value from listening to this episode. The wisdom is far reaching and needs to be shared with all women everywhere.


To find out more about Jenny and all that she offers, you can visit her website -



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