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Episode 24 - An introduction to the menstrual cycle phases

Show Notes

Episode number 24 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


This is episode 24 on the FYF podcast. Let’s jump into how the monthly cycle plays out – what actually goes on in between each period? Because there is a lot that does happen and I can assure you it is well worth knowing about. Just this week I spoke with a number of women who recently came off their hormonal birth control methods – whether that be the pill or device like the hormonal IUD – and they hadn’t had a cycle for 10-15 years.

In a few cases they had only ever had the first 2-3 years of actually menstruating after getting their first period because as we know, the bleed that you get on the pill is NOT an actual period. So here we have 30-40 year old women literally getting to know their cycle for the first time in their lives – which is super amazing. And it is never ever too late to get to know your body in this way. Even when the period is done and dusted there is so much to embrace about what is happening in your body – but more on that in other episodes.

If you do want to talk about contraception options 1:1, feel free to get in touch. I work with women all over the world supporting in a coaching or counselling capacity on all things women’s health and knowing your body.

So let’s go there ladies and head over to the episode!

Topics that discuss in this episode:

  • Phases of the menstrual cycle

  • Our cycle is not JUST about the period itself

  • Changes in hormones throughout the cycle

  • Cervical mucus changes

  • Listening to the communication from your body

Enjoy this episode giving you the 101 basics of the menstrual cycle.

To find out about programs and courses to get to know your cycle, check out our courses page here

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Want to find out more about understanding your cycle?

Book a FREE 15 minute consult with Sara to find out more.

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