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Episode 23 - 'Life-changing' Fertility Awareness Method, with Paula Andras.

Show Notes

Episode number 23 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


This episode is brought to you by my Cycle Wise Woman 12-Week Program. This is a specially designed intimate program with 12 women only, where are going to dive right in to FAM – for contraception, conception or simply to get to know your own body. There are two intakes offered each year - to get your name on the wait-list, follow this link. We will be learning the method in depth, and sharing charts to learn from each other. This is invaluable when learning this method for whatever purpose you may be using it for. You can email me at or head over to the website, look under courses and events and then select Cycle Wise Woman.

In this episode I am chatting with Paula, a participant o the Cycle Wise Woman program, who shares her insight and experience of the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and how this changed her relationship with her body and with her cycle. The Cycle Wise Woman Program is a 12-week program with a small group of women, where we dive deep into using the FAM, it’s like a FAM intensive really getting to know your cycle intimately, when you are fertile and when you are not, whether that be for contraception of conception and simply to get to know your body. As Paula shares it is very empowering on so many levels.

Topics that Paula and I discuss in this episode:

  • Fertility Awareness Method and irregular cycles

  • Paula’s menstrual cycle history

  • Looking at non-hormonal options of birth control

  • Added (unexpected) bonuses of Fertility Awareness Method

  • Observing changes in real time of cervical mucus and basal body temperature

  • How we can gain insight into our cycle and health

  • Going from hating periods to having an enormous appreciation for what the menstrual cycle offers

  • Fertility Awareness to support timing of conception, and potentially avoid IVF and ART

  • Why the Fertility Awareness Method is ‘life-changing’

Enjoy this very real and super supportive interview with Paula Andras!

To find out more about the Cycle Wise Woman Program and the Fertility Awareness Method, go to the website

Looking for a natural form of contraception?

Cycle Wise Woman

Stillness & Cycles Program

Work with Sara


A 12 week live online series for menstruating women of all ages, women of reproductive age not currently menstruating & women who may be trying to conceive - to support understanding the Fertility Awareness Method and how to use it for conception, contraception and/or to deepen your connection with your body and therefore, maximise your health & wellbeing. 2022 wait list now open!


Stillness & Cycles Program



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Want to find out more about understanding your cycle?

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FREE eBook:

As mentioned in this episode, 'Ovulation - your introductory guide to fertility awareness & knowing when you ovulate' is available now for FREE on the website for you to download - for a limited time (at the time of recording this).

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