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Episode 6 - On Depo Provera & Being a Woman, with Dr Rachel Mascord

Show Notes

Episode number 6 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


Depo Provera is a slow release hormonal medication administered by injection that suppresses a woman's menstrual cycle for 3 months at a time. My interview with Dr Rachel Mascord, gives us a very personal account of her experience with this drug and what transpired as a result. Her inspiring story includes her renewed relationship with her menstrual cycle and with herself as a woman.

As I've said many times, I'm not necessarily anti-hormonal contraception completely...but I am definitely pro-being fully informed. And I do firmly believe that IF we were fully informed about the drugs themselves, how they work, their impacts on the body and potential harmful effects AS WELL as being educated on our cycles and reproductive health overall, then there would be far fewer women taking these drugs as a result. Know your body and be empowered. Be informed and know your choices.

Topics we discuss:

  • Rachel explains what Depo Provera is

  • What prompted Rachel to have the shot

  • Side-effects that Rachel experienced

  • The fear that she experienced as a result of taking the shot

  • Giving your power away to the medical system

  • The trivialisation of symptoms that women experience

  • Women giving up on themselves or even questioning themselves in the face of medical authority

  • Looking at the root cause of what we are feeling instead of just managing it all

  • Examining life from our bodies rather than our heads

  • Self-care and the difference this makes in a woman's health

  • Appreciation of the female body

  • Having a relationship with our cycle and why this is so important

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