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Episode 22 - What doctors say about birth control, with Mike Gaskins

Show Notes

Episode number 22 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


Have you ever been told by your doctor that what you’re experiencing couldn’t possibly be from the pill? Or maybe you’re using the copper IUD and have been told that because there are no hormones involved it doesn’t have any side-effects?

In this episode I get together once again with Mike Gaskins, author of In the Name of The Pill, where we look at his 10 least favourite things that doctors say about birth control. This is a must listen for any woman who may be on or considering some form of birth control – as is Mike’s book a must read and it is NOW also a must listen, having just been released as an audiobook on Audible.

Listen in to this podcast episode or check out the video version below, to hear this all important episode where we talk about hormones, the oral contraceptive pill, depo provera, Copper IUD, Mirena, regulating periods, the history of birth control, risk of depression and anxiety associated with taking birth control and much more.

Some important links mentioned in this episode:

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Thanks to Mike as always, for his incredible dedication to Women's Health. His genuine care for women and commitment bringing the truth to the fore on important matters that deserve attention, is truly inspiring.

**Also, to be clear, it is not ALL doctors who adhere to this list - however, it is quite clear that it is very common.

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