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Follow Your Flow Podcast Trailer

Show Notes

The Follow your Flow podcast has arrived! The first episode has just been released and is available for you to listen.


In this introductory episode I'm letting you in on how this podcast came to be.

I have been working and studying in the field of Complementary Medicine since the year 2000 completing various qualifications including a Bachelor of Health Science (TCM), Graduate Diploma of Counselling and have just completed a Masters in Women's Health Medicine. I'm also a qualified Fertility Awareness Educator and have been using the Fertility Awareness Method for over 10 years.

All of this study has been a hugely important part of my work. I love learning about the body, how it works and I have a particular passion and affinity in understanding the female body. It is truly magnificent. Yet the most profound aspects of this have come from me establishing and building a relationship with myself and getting to know the inner aspects of who I am as a woman. These two things combined, now form the basis of the work that I do and how I support women.

You will hear banging on about 'stillness' A LOT on this podcast and how it is THE number 1 ingredient that needs to be in every woman's health care plan. I'll talk about this in relation to stress and how this impacts a woman's health including her experiences of period pain, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, menopausal symptoms...and so much more.

All of these conditions or situations will be impacted by the level of stillness you are allowing yourself to go to as a woman (or not!). And no, it does not involve sitting under a tree or crossing your legs and meditating on a mountain. Stillness is a quality of movement. It is deeper than presence. And it is not mindfulness. It has way more to do with your body than your mind, although in stillness your mind and its overwhelm no longer leads the show. Stillness is a reconnection to your essence.

I will be having real conversations with real women about their experiences in regards to all aspects of health and well-being when it comes to being a woman. I will also be interviewing health professionals to get expert advice and understanding of the conditions we experience. My aim to to provide a wholesome understanding of our health where we get a complete picture of how we can support ourselves every single day, rather than feeling at the mercy of our bodies or a system that makes us think we are powerless when it comes to our health.

I am all for medicine and nutritional support where needed, in addition to a woman building a connection to herself as her absolute foundation.

So enjoy this introductory episode, finding out about me and what this podcast is all about.



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