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Embracing the Cycle of Menopause

As women, we are always living in cycles. In fact, it is not just women, we are ALL living in cycles constantly. However, women have the opportunity to be very intimate with the fact of cycles by virtue of all that happens in their body throughout their lifetime. The female body is extraordinary and never ceases to amaze me in the precision with which it operates and responds to life. Everything has its place, and there is never any mistake as to what takes place within each of us. We each have our own body, of course, and hence why our relationship with it and with the cycles that we are immersed in, is very personal to each of us. It’s a wonder why and how we think to ever compare with any other women, even though we know it is rife between us, in fact most of our industries capitalise on comparison between women.

Take the beauty industry as one such example, it is built and defined by an image of beauty, whereby women compare themselves to this image and then to each other. They purchase products, whether that be clothing, make-up and accessories to meet the image they buy into. Fitness and exercise may come in to this also, to meet the image of the desired body type. Then hair may also be involved…and the list goes on. If we do not have a relationship with our body and the cycles we are a part of, then we are easily consumed by this set-up. And it is a set-up. One that ensures we stay disconnected from ourselves…and from each other.

The stages of peri-menopause, menopause & post-menopause can be a time in a woman’s life where she may face a number of challenges. These challenges may be physical, they may be emotional and they may be existential, whereby she questions who she is and her purpose in life. All of these challenges need to be considered on a very personal level – however we can also look at the this from an over-arching energetic perspective of women in general. There is much we can learn from each other and there is also much we can support each other with, by coming together on these topics and building a bridge between the cycles we are all a part of, our bodies and the exquisite tapestry that we inevitably weave when we align to the one source of femaleness. The quality that is foundational and that informs every woman’s innate wisdom and intelligence.

In the program, Stillness & Cycles for Menopause, we bring together our understanding of the body and the tangible experience of its divine intelligence. Stillness is at your very core, a vibration that is inescapably present and incorruptible. Although this is true for every woman, it is not often lived. We don’t tend to live in a way where we honour the femaleness, the stillness, the in-breath and the exquisiteness of our being. Even though it never leaves us, through the experiences of life, we learn to leave this most sacred point that is our most precious and trusted guide in life, to take orders from the outer world where we are informed to be the antithesis of all that we would otherwise hold as Sacred.

The problem is, this has become so normal that it is not often, if ever considered, that we may have ventured far away from who we are. Even when we get sick and if life feels purposeless and meaningless and dull, we try to fix it with the ill-informed ways of the outer world, rather than returning to the steadiness and beholding support of all that is awaiting within. We do this over a lifetime and pass this way down to our children and confirm this way with our families, our work colleagues and it all gets confirmed back to us. That is, until we stop. And start to ask deeper questions about our body, about being a woman and about the life we are living.

Stillness & Cycles brings together our understanding of the body and the tangible experience of its divine intelligence.

There is absolutely no point in traversing the outer to find the answers. There comes a point when you are done with that. And for many women, this point arrives at the time of peri-menopause, menopause and/or post-menopause. In this program, we take a deep dive into getting to know your body both physically and energetically. It’s an opportunity for you to connect and take your relationship with yourself to a whole other level, a deeper level. Where you become more intimate with the inner-workings of your body and all that is being communicated, along with the experience of Yoga of Stillness and the exquisite practice of Sacred Movement, to support the embodiment of your inner-most qualities, that need to be at the forefront of your health and the foundation of your life as a whole.

Once experienced and embodied, there is then a tangible choice as to how you live, how you care for your body and how you honour the very real and divine Sacredness that you are. One step at a time. One breath at a time. One movement at a time. Absolutely no perfection and likewise, no effort required. All women deserve to know this about themselves, the absolute beauty they are that defies all the images they

have ever been subjected to on what beauty falsely is. All women deserve to know the magnificence of how their body works and that it is working solidly with them, not against them.

And all women deserve to know that all of what is said here, is not out-there or woo-woo by any stretch of the imagination. It is fact. Beauty is an emanation. Being a woman is an emanation. It is about being aligned to a vibration that lives within you, it is the deepest part of you, a part that you know intimately but perhaps simply need reminding of.


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