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Episode 16 - Oral Health, Gum Disease & Hormones, with Dr Rachel Mascord

Show Notes

Episode number 16 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


This is one episode that I hope all women do not skip over. I mean who would have thought that your oral health, the quality of your brushing and flossing could affect how you are experiencing pregnancy, PCOS, menopause or anything to do with your hormones? This is another thing that we should be taught about at school…and thank God for Rachel and her incredible and graceful way of educating us all on this topic. In this conversation Rachel breaks it all down for us, so we can understand how it all works and I promise you, you are going to be flossing to your hearts content at the completion of this episode – you will never miss a floss again!

Here are some of the key points that we discuss:

  • Gum disease seems to be a topic of absolutely no interest for people – yet it is a major condition that effects people in a wide ranging way.

  • Link between the gums, the bacteria and our entire body and all body systems.

  • 2 most common forms of gum disease1. Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums. Very common and absolutely reversible with good oral hygiene. 2. Periodontitis – progression of this gingivitis where breakdown starts to occur. The ligament that attaches the tooth starts to breakdown and can start to lose bone. This is not reversible.

  • If we allow bacteria to grow on the gum and become thick, it can become a serious issue. The immune system is working overtime, creating lots of inflammation to try to deal with the bacteria but because it is ‘on’ the surface of the teeth, they can’t be reached. Therefore, the inflammation can wreak havoc on the body. Hygiene is key – WE have to get the plaque off, our immune system cannot access it.

  • Everything boils down to good oral hygiene.

  • Chronic inflammation drives so many of the illness and disease we are experiencing.

  • “Brushing your teeth but not flossing is like putting on one leg of your pants” – Rachel

  • Inflammation is affecting our hormones…and our hormones also affect inflammation.

  • The hormones magnify what is really going on. If we start with good oral health, this is what is magnified. And likewise, if we do not have good oral health, this will be magnified by the hormones.

  • We cannot blame our hormones. We see the impacts all the way through the phases of a woman’s life all the way to Menopause.

  • We need to stop segregating the areas of the body and bring it back to the whole that it is.

  • We spoke about self-worth and valuing yourself – this is like a muscle we have to work. We are over-developed in our lack of self-worth. We need to bring more focus and dedication to the self-care muscle.

  • When you go from bleeding gums to not bleeding gums; from bad breath, to feeling fresh and clean.

  • This is preventative and treatment all in one.

  • Women who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant, have conditions like PCOS, PMS, and all other hormonal conditions – oral health is so important for you because of the hormone changes.

  • Clearing gum disease is a significant factor in fertility.

  • Pregnancy is an exacerbator of gum disease – will make worse what you have already got.

  • Studies show that Hormonal Birth Control (HBC) can increase inflammation and swelling in gums, as well as impacting the nasty bacteria.

  • We need to stop pretending that HBC are innocuous drugs. They effect every body system.

  • Why are we not told to take care of our oral health before we start prescribing drugs? Why don’t we look at good oral hygiene, as well as diet, lifestyle and everything that could be contributing to the certain conditions we experience?

  • You must complete brushing by cleaning between your teeth. You must floss. There are many different ways to floss!


  • Gum disease is quite prevalent.

  • The bacteria in our mouth can be nasty and impact our entire body

  • Gingivitis is reversible and periodontitis is not reversible, although can be stabilised.

  • Inflammation is caused by bad oral health. Impacts heart disease, immune health, risk of diabetes, stroke, Alzheimers, lung disease.

  • Women’s hormones have an impact on the inflammation and vice versa.

  • Pregnancy and hormones are not the issue, it is the foundation that we have created for the hormones.

It is never too late to bring care to your mouth and oral health and feel the impact this has on your hormones and the overall health of your body.

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