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Episode 9 - Your 3 Main Fertile Signs - every woman needs to know.

Show Notes

Episode number 9 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


In this episode I'm going to talk you through your 3 main fertile signs - something every woman should know about! Unfortunately we are not taught this as part of health education in a way that should really form the basic basis of our understanding and knowledge of our menstrual cycle. If you're wanting to understand the incredible intricacies of your body, this episode is for you. Whether it's for the means of conception, contraception or wanting to connect more with your body, you will only gain from knowing your body in this way.

Topics I discuss in this episode:

Your 3 main fertile signs are:

- indications/communication from your body

- communicating when you ovulate

- not commonly known by most women - even though it's happening to us month in and month out

Why is it important?

Common reasons why women start to find out about when ovulation is...and then consequently, the Fertility Awareness Method are:

  • to have a baby

  • for contraception

  • to understand your body

Whatever your reason, knowing when you ovulate is absolutely essential.

Benefits of Fertility Awareness and knowing when you ovulate:

  • achieving pregnancy

  • effectively avoiding pregnancy

  • getting insight in to your health

  • gaining a deeper connection to your body

Had I known about Fertility Awareness I may have made different choices re contraception when I was younger.

Your awareness of these 3 fertile signs is invaluable and supports in so many ways:

  • I have avoided further invasive investigations because I knew when I had ovulated - could pass this on to specialist

  • There are countless stories of women avoiding unnecessary treatments because of their knowledge.

So what are the 3 main signs?!

#1 - Cervical Mucus

  • Chart ‘every’ day

  • Quality – dry, sticky, creamy, Slippery/Wet

  • Different to other types of discharge like vaginal cell sloth/moistness, from infections, sexual secretions, arousal fluid.

Some qualities you may notice -


When your period (bleeding) completes, you may notice that the presence of cervical mucus is 'dry'. The vaginal opening and vulva may have a slight moistness, however there is nothing substantial. You need to get to know what your 'dry' is. This may last for a few days before you notice a distinct change as the follicles begin to develop and oestrogen begins to rise.


Sticky is the presence of mucus that is noticeably not wet or slippery or creamy :) If you were to pick it up, it would break between your fingers instead of stretch. It may also feel kind of springy! It's going to be very personal to you. What's important to understand, is that regardless of the fact that it is unlikely to support sperm survival, when using the Fertility Awareness Method, the presence of 'sticky' mucus is considered a fertile day.


As you move closer to ovulation, you may notice a creamy or lotion-like CM. The presence of this type of mucus is definitely wet and it may yes, absolutely consider it a fertile day when using the Fertility Awareness Method. It doesn't stretch as much as the slippery/wet type of CM but is commonly noticed by women as they move towards ovulation.


This is the most obvious and easiest to feel - it's slippery, it's stretchy, it's wet and it's can be just like raw egg-white! As you walk around during the day, it will spread across your vulva and you will get the sense of feeling lubricated. It has a very high water content so is generally very easy to feel without needing to touch it or pick it up. In fact, sometimes it can be so watery that it is not possible to pick it up. It may also have a pink/red tinge indicating ovulation bleeding.

#2 - Basal Body Temperature

  • Chart ‘every’ day

  • First thing, upon waking (before going to the toilet, having a drink, etc)

  • Preferable around the same time each day

  • Ovulation/Fertility thermometer with 2 decimal points

  • Note other events such as illness, waking often, travel, etc.

  • Your BBT is your lowest resting temperature, hence why it is taken after, at least 5 hours of sleep.

  • The thermal shift in your temperature by at least 0.2 degrees, that is maintained for the remainder of the cycle is an indication of ovulation.

  • Your BBT cannot tell you when you are approaching ovulation like CM can. It only confirms it once it has happened.

  • You BBT can help to indicate or pick up health conditions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed - like all aspects of FAM.

  • When your temperature drops as you come to the end of your luteal phase, you know you will get you period that day. Pretty cool!

#3 - Cervical Position

  • Optional - used as a back for the CM & BBT

  • Check in the shower, squat down and use your middle finger - ensure your hands are clean

  • Feeling for the tip of the cervix, which is at the top of the vagina and the base of the uterus

  • SHOW – soft, high, open, wet - this indicates the lead up to ovulation

  • Firm, Dry & Low - after ovulation has occurred

  • Note: Women who have vaginally delivered a child may have a slightly open cervix

There is much more detail involved when wanting to use Fertility Awareness as a method but this give you an introduction in to your 3 main fertile signs - or what we could also say are the 3 main signs of ovulation.

FREE eBook:

As mentioned in this episode, 'Ovulation - your introductory guide to fertility awareness & knowing when you ovulate' is available now for FREE on the website for you to download - for a limited time (at the time of recording this).


And check out the website for the upcoming course 8 week course, formalising what I have been doing with women for many years. 'Cycle Wise Woman' is for you if you are interested in getting to know your cycle and the principles of FAM, putting it into practice and using it as a method of contraception, to achieve pregnancy and/or to simply know your body much more intimately. We could all do with more of this!

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