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Episode 13 - Having a Relationship with your Cycle, with Bianca Barban

Show Notes

Episode number 13 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


Do you have a relationship with your cycle? And what does this even mean? How do we do have a relationship with our cycle. In this episode I am so excited to welcome Bianca Barban to the show, where we delve right in to our personal experience on this topic. Bianca and I own a business together and we have this incredible relationship where, from the very beginning, we have been all about growing and supporting ourselves, growing and supporting each other and then growing and supporting others - this really is the purpose of our business. Our relationship is such that, we are very real with each other and very open. We talk about all sorts of things that happen in the body and the menstrual cycle is always a hot topic. It's a super fun episode, we seriously can't help but have fun together. Listening back to it, I don't think I stopped smiling the entire way through.

Bianca is exquisitely wise and a living example of a woman who knows who she is and does not back down from this no matter what may come her way. I know you will find her as inspiring as I do.

Having a relationship with your cycle is absolutely essential for your health. Not only to understand your health and your body but to enrich your life on every level. It is so worth it!

If having a relationship with your cycle is something you would like to explore, you can check out the Follow Your Flow website for lots of resources to support with this. I have a free ebook on an introductory to fertility awareness, heaps of blog posts on this topic - and I also offer the Stillness & Cycles Program that has grown to be hugely popular because of the incredible practical support it offers us as women. Head over to the website to put your name down on the wait list for the next program. And check the details below for 1:1 sessions to support you on all things women's health and having a relationship with your cycle and your body.

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Introducing Bianca Barban and Living Stillness

  • Our cycles support us by showing us that everything is related and nothing is separate.

  • Listening to what the cycle and the body is communicating.

  • We are taught to over-ride the natural ebb and flow and how our bodies naturally operate.

  • Cyclical living is very natural for both men and women.

  • When we commit to making this part of our lives, the body responds.

  • Circadian Rhythm and the Pineal gland.

  • We are taught the lineal projection rather than understanding cycles

  • Self-care & listening to your body is foundational

  • We are always learning from our body - we are students of our own bodies.

  • Not listening to our body is exhausting. We have to use a lot of effort to ignore what our body is communicating.

  • The body is here to support us, if we get out of the way.

  • Having a relationship with our body starts right back at the beginning to the ways we are taught to refer to parts of our bodies and how we refer to periods.

  • The messages we get from such a young age about what it is to be a woman. We are told that the only purpose of our body is to make babies.

  • Cycle syncing - bringing an understanding to how personal this is.

  • How does our relationship with our cycle affect those around us? Particularly boys and men.

"Being in a flow is the love of my life' - Bianca Barban

More from Bianca and all that she offers:

Want to build a relationship with your cycle?


This comprehensive online course will be available soon. A 6 module series designed to support parents to bring more truth & understanding to periods and to empower them to support the young women in their lives. Through this awareness you will be able to support your daughter to develop a lifelong confidence and understanding of her own body. LAUNCHING VERY SOON!


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Want to find out how you can have a relationship with your cycle?

Book a FREE 15 minute consult with Sara to find out more.

FREE eBook:

As mentioned in this episode, 'Ovulation - your introductory guide to fertility awareness & knowing when you ovulate' is available now for FREE on the website for you to download - for a limited time (at the time of recording this).

Please note: The information in these podcasts is of a general nature for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, health concern, or illness and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical or health care professional. By engaging with this material and any other material distributed by Follow your Flow, you are acknowledging that you are solely responsible for any decisions you make regarding your health.


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