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Episode 10 - Self-Worth & Period Pain, with Elodie Darwish

Show Notes

Episode number 10 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


When it comes to treatment for period pain, many women feel at a loss. The only option that seems to be offered is the pill or other drugs/devices that can interfere with how a woman feels within herself. I know these options are super supportive for some women where they do need a reprieve from what they are experiencing, however, most women think it really is their only option. In this episode I am talking with Elodie, who shares her personal experience with severe period pain and how the lifestyle changes she made supported her enormously. Rather than being at the mercy of what was happening to her, she was supported to bring awareness and understanding to her body and from there she made self-care choices that made a huge difference. As you'll hear from Elodie, these changes were not simply revolving around diet and sleep for example but also had very much to do with her relationship with herself, how she felt about herself, about her worth and the degree to which is would give herself a hard time throughout the month...or not. I love this episode because it is very real and super relatable, as is the nature of Elodie.

We recorded this episode some months ago in the midst of Covid in 2020. Here are the main points that we cover in our conversation:

  • Elodie talks about her simple, healthy life. What does this look like? Is it really boring?

  • Having a relationship with yourself - how this effects the experience of your cycle.

  • Lifestyle changes and the impact this has on the experience of period pain.

  • Stress, overwhelm and anxiety - period stopped for 6 months. Very high functioning but body was completely shot.

  • The history of Elodie's period pain originally diagnosed with dysmenorrhea and prescribed the pill

  • Instilled beliefs that period pain is normal and just part of being a woman.

  • Prostaglandins role in inflammatory responses. Increase in prostaglandins are linked to increase in pain.

  • Lifestyle factors that increase inflammation in the body - stress, diet (particularly dairy), quality of sleep

  • After the pill, pain came back with a vengeance, worsening every month.

  • Care and awareness of body - more sensitive and able to see more clearly what was exacerbating the pain.

  • Support from practitioners under the Esoteric Women's Health umbrella to see that she actually had a body and that it needed to be cared for and connected to.

  • Rather than seeing pain as a punishment, seeing it as a communication from the body.

  • Lack of self-worth and self-bashing is like a poison in the body that has to be cleared.

  • Being empowered by understanding that we have a part to play in the treatment of period pain.

  • Period Pain is common but it is not normal. Seek supportive medical attention and explore avenues such as counselling to bring a deeper understanding of your body to bring greater levels of self-care.

  • Self-care has a huge part to play in period pain treatment.

Remember that you are the master of your own body. Do not give your power away to your medical practitioner. be open to their support but if you don't feel heard in regards to what is happening in your body, be persistent and/or find another doctor.

Where to find Elodie:

As mentioned Elodie makes stunning jewellery that you will want to check out!

Instagram: @elodiejewellery

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