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Episode 8 - Supporting yourself in Pregnancy & Beyond, with Rebecca Poole

Show Notes

Episode number 8 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


We are heading in a little bit of a different direction this episode to have a look at the topic of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a significant experience in many women's lives and I think most would say that their lives were completely changes as a result. I loved interviewing my guest Rebecca Poole on her experience of pregnancy because she really challenges the 'norm' by being very real and open about where she was at and what she needed. She saw the pressures of society and from those around her and learned to navigate this in a way that deepened her relationship with herself. When parenting came along, she saw the importance of letting in support and getting out of this all-to-common mentality that we are in this on our own and we have to soldier on and just keep going. She blows this to pieces giving us all permission to 'raise the white flag' and ask for help - gosh, how would it be if we allowed ourselves to do this?!

This episode is about much more than just pregnancy - it is about life...and the richness of life that we can tap in to if we so choose. And Rebecca, very wisely and very gently gives us a little nudge to encourage us to settle for nothing less.

Topics that Rebecca and I cover:

  • Pressures around pregnancy from society and those around you

  • Having expectations about pregnancy and how this can affect you

  • Do we focus too much on the birth rather than appreciating the stages of pregnancy?

  • There is a richness in pregnancy, an offering to deepen your connection with yourself

  • As women, what we offer our children and families - the 'inner pulse' - insight and wisdom

  • 1st Trimester - we are being asked to shed anything that is no longer supportive for us in this next phase. And to accept a deeper quality within yourself.

  • Our body is always communicating - listen to the nausea and other symptoms

  • Feeling resentment during and after pregnancy - being honest about this and not judging yourself

  • Society doesn't fully support us. We think we have to do it all alone in isolation. And if we need help that it is a failure.

  • It's ok to put up the white flag!

  • Opening up to community around you for support.

  • Rebecca's experience of letting others in to support in the raising of her children

  • The harms of comparison. Our experience of pregnancy is very personal.

  • The importance of not over-riding what we feel.

Where to find Rebecca & her work:

Rebecca's FREE 2-day Re-boot Program - a great 2 day program to support you to start to recognise and feel what feels true for you and what doesn’t.

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