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Episode 21 - True 2 You, with Rachel Andras

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Show Notes

Episode number 21 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


In this episode I’m talking with Rachel Andras, gender expert and social educator from Spain, founder of the Indera Foundation and the brand-new platform True 2 You. I have interviewed Rachel back on Episode 12, so check that out to hear about What’s Missing from Sex Education Today.

This episode is to bring to everyone’s awareness, the new platform called True 2 You, which has completely blown me away.

It has to be the most comprehensive meaningful and supportive website for youth today, addressing every aspect that affects young people providing a space for them to get information, to have real conversations, read articles, ask questions and they can even attend support groups. There is a free online magazine with literally hundreds of articles!

Rachel’s message is super clear – if we think we need to ‘tell’ and ‘educate’ the youth of today how to navigate life, we are entirely on the wrong track. Because perhaps ‘we’ (the adults) are part of the problem!

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • True 2 You is for young people, parents, teachers

  • Is ‘educating’ our youth what is really needed?

  • What are our standards in society?

  • Do we patronise young people thinking we have to ‘tell them’ how to do it?

  • True role models – do young people have them?

  • What is 'sexspreading' versus revenge porn?

  • ‘Ask an Expert’ on the True 2 You website

  • Teacher resources for running sessions on relationships, self-love & self-esteem, understanding violence and bullying, the power to change, and much more.

  • True 2 You Magazine & Quizzes

  • Why do we accept and settle for less in relationships?

True 2 You website -

Enjoy looking through is game-changing website, with endless content to support us all on the real issues and challenges in life, so that we can be true to ourselves and therefore a true reflection for the young people in our lives.

More from Rachel:


This comprehensive online course is now available. A four module course designed to support parents to bring more truth & understanding to periods and to empower them to support the young women in their lives. Through this awareness you will be able to support your daughter to develop a lifelong confidence and understanding of her own body.


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Looking for support on how to support the young people in your life on all things periods?

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As mentioned in this episode, 'Ovulation - your introductory guide to fertility awareness & knowing when you ovulate' is available now for FREE on the website for you to download - for a limited time (at the time of recording this).

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