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Episode 17 - What you need to know about talking to girls (& boys) about periods!

Show Notes

Episode number 17 has just been released and is available for you to listen.


So here we are at episode 17! I have 20+ years experience, working in the field of Complementary medicine and that has naturally shaped it’s way in to Girls & Women’s health and have so much to share with you on this topic - one that is very close to my heart and I feel is super important for the health of society as a whole. In this episode, I'm taking a look at what we need to know to feel ok, confident and at ease when talking to girls (& boys) about periods.

This is an episode for everyone, so all the Dads out there, listen in, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles – it’s for all of you. Guess what! You do not need to feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or weird when talking about periods - there is a way to deal with this! We all know how unnatural it feels to talk about something that is so very natural but has been made out to be an issue, a problem, an inconvenience or something that needs hiding, managing and perhaps even eliminating all together. I know you're with me on this. Pretty sure we all want to be done with this narrative!

In this solo episode, I will be covering these topics:

  • Why talking about periods is still very taboo.

  • The history of menstruation and the perception of the female body

  • Has this stigma around periods always been there?

  • How are we still receiving the messages that periods are bad when we don’t want this to be the case?

  • The importance of looking at re-education of society around periods and the female body.

  • What does a woman’s body actually represent, if not the miasma of lies we are sold?

  • How do we free ourselves from the ‘false narrative’?

  • How have women sold themselves short when it comes to the way they are represented?

  • How to feel confident, rather than awkward on this topic?

  • Our own trauma and experiences will taint our communication about periods unless they are resolved.

  • Why correct terminology of the female anatomy is so important.

  • Ways to support your girls (& boys) on all things periods

  • What you didn't know about menstruation!

  • Why girls need to know that their cycle is not just about pregnancy.

This episode was brought to you by my Cycle Wise Parents (CWP) Online Course. This is a 6 week, fully comprehensive, flexible course for parents, carers, grandparents, teachers and anyone with young people in their lives. It’s addressing the questions I get asked all the time – how do you talk to your children about periods; when is the right time to do; and how to do it without feeling so embarrassed. In the CWP course we go deep into the necessary re-education on menstruation because this is where it needs to start. During the 6 weeks, you’ll receive new video lessons each week to watch in your own time and then a live Q & A each week where you can ask questions and have the opportunity to share with fellow course attendees. The course platform also allows for discussion under each individual lesson, should you choose to engage with me or others on participating in the course. The content in this course is rich and wholesome, as all period education should be. There are 2 intakes for the course every year with the latest one, at the time of recording this, set to begin on Wednesday June 16th. Head over to this page to find out more details and on how to register! Spaces are limited.

This comprehensive online course is now available - NEXT START DATE - Wednesday 16th June, 2021.

A 6 module series designed to support parents to bring more truth & understanding to periods and to empower them to support the young women in their lives. Through this awareness you will be able to support your daughter to develop a lifelong confidence and understanding of her own body.


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Looking for support on how to support the young people in your life on all things periods?

Book a FREE 15 minute consult with Sara to find out more.

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As mentioned in this episode, 'Ovulation - your introductory guide to fertility awareness & knowing when you ovulate' is available now for FREE on the website for you to download - for a limited time (at the time of recording this).

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